Terry Silvester – Our Time in the Dark

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Who are you? I mean, how does one even answer a question like that. I don’t really know who I am. I know my name is Terry Silvester and that I was named after my father’s uncle who died falling off a cliff. My family say I look identical to him, but then people also say I look identical to my mother. I think that humans always try to look of something in everything.

All my work is an existential projection of my mind and life. It is an emotion reaction, an outlet to a feeling, a deep personal endeavour that has attached itself onto my mind like a parasite. That is why my work and my mind are so interconnected; one can’t be produced without the other.

Our Time in the Dark is a study into the beauty of the inevitable darkness. For some reason, my mind can comprehend death; it’s not something that I worry about, which is strange in western society. It’s something I think a lot about though, mainly if I’ll have some sort of legacy. That’s the only thing I worry about. My mind can’t help but think about this. My relationship with my mind has been a troubled one.

Creating films help me with my mental stability and provides satisfaction. I have an extreme mentality where I need to keep my mind active or else I’ll revert back to these extremes. I’ve always struggled with this and probably always will but it’s something that’ll have to live with, and abstracting these emotions into films help me deal with my confusing mind.

Find Terry here: www.terrysilvester.co.uk

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