Tersoo Maria Agera – Time

1 minute read

This art piece titled ‘Brittle’ is part of my collection ‘Growth and Decay’ which is centred on how organic matter depreciates over time.

Time is a key factor in this collection. It determined how my subject matter would appear in relation to its form and texture. How many veins would still be in existence as the leaves began to decay? How many leaves were more decayed than others ? How many days would it take me to complete the drawing?

To embody creativity into something is like solving an equation, different elements are drawn together to equate to something either big or small.

As well as this, maths involves a thought process just as creativity does. Before your final ‘calculation’ is reached there is an element of trial and error. You may do multiple calculations before you reach your final answer. The same idea is reflected with creativity, you may change your concept multiple times before you are happy with your desired idea.

The common denominator of this all is that both maths and creativity require time. Without the time to solve equations or develop creative concepts, they would not be achieved.

Numbers provide us with a sense of awareness, without them we would not able to identify many things in this world. Even domestic tasks such as cooking involves an element of accuracy and how do we achieve this ? Through numbers, we weigh up ingredients before cooking then to ensure we create a perfect meal. Numbers help us achieve things in this world, without numbers we would be able incapable of doing many things in this world.

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