Warren Lynn – Muscle Spasms

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I am Warren Lynn, a retired engineer from the Los Angeles area enjoying creating digital artwork. I want to get my work out to as many people as possible before I turn into dust. I also enjoy doing some background acting gigs in movies and TV shows at the local studios.

Like many children, I enjoyed drawing pictures from a very early age. One of my grade school teachers liked my work so much she took me around holding my picture to every classroom in school to show the other children. Not sure if that helped much.

I studied drafting with the intention of using my drawing talent to earn an income after I graduated. Great thought, but I couldn’t get hired as a teenage drafts person so I joined the military. I got injured and put up in the hospital for a month and a half. That painful experience made me rethink my career and I returned to school to get my engineering degree. 

I worked many years not thinking much about my creative side until I found the Internet and thought I could use my artistic talent and software development background to create websites. So, I started that in my spare time when I realized that some of my website design stuff looks like artwork and I should do something with it.

I then retired to allow myself time to work on my passions while I still have time to be creative before it’s too late. I have created many pieces of artwork over the last few years refining my style in hopes of people being able to enjoy viewing them as much as I have had creating them.

What’s your relationship with Chance?

These days I tend to follow the direction of the moment that may or may not have been what I intended to do, but just go on the emotion of the moment that feels right and take a chance.

Can you give an example of when chance has stepped in to help you out?

Most of my art uses a technique that relies on chance or what you call synchronicity in my creative process. Basically, the artwork is created without thought for the finished appearance until somewhere near the end of the process. I take different images, color patches, scribbles, or anything else that I can get on the digital canvas then start what I call the compression process. Constantly changing the shape as I mold the pieces together and creating more layers until something appears that I recognize. Then I reshape that image until it feels complete.

Please describe one of your submitted pieces (muscle spasm).

Muscle Spasms – Inspired by the incredible pain that we can experience during muscle spasms. It was created using the synchronicity process I talked about in which I compressed the original imageries over a hundred times to get the finished appearance. I recently went through a hernia surgery and I am still experiencing some discomfort in that area which may have contributed to the creation of this particular piece of artwork.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Please spread the word of my artwork to your friends to allow as many people as possible to see something original and unusual.

Find Warren here: veridycus.com