Willie Robb – 8 minutes

1 minute read

One of the biggest photographic cliché’s is The Sun. Pictured on the verge of being eclipsed by the earth’s curvature; I’ve taken a few. Ever glowing, going and returning.

I started photographing the Sun out of reverie and intrigue. I was amazed by the black spots crawling across the surface, breaking up the constant. Only later did I realise I was looking back in time. 8 minutes back to be precise.

My name is Willie Robb. I am a Scottish photographer, video producer and artist who is based in Lewes, just North of Brighton in the South East of England. All the images were made in my garden and are named by the date they were taken eg 010513. The name is contained in the image title.

Find willie here: www.willierobb.com