Zdenka Nyburg – A Talk with my Brain

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Zdenka Nyburg – Outside

I was a victim of my mind for most of my life and occasionally I still am. First I should specify that my mind, I mean my brain, the physiological component within the confines of my skull. It was after the birth of my first child that I became enlightened to my truth; the mind pretends to be in control of things inside and outside of the self. The mind likes to answer all questions, based on previous experiences and even fears of forthcomings.

The mind is typically shaped and molded very early on, shaped and molded to believe or not certain persons, philosophies, inner truths, outside influences etc. Through these beliefs we define our world and learn the ropes of society. Starting with the nuclear family and ending with the world rules itself as sometimes defined by the religion that has been taught to be the truth.

I answered this call because I wanted to share my relationship and how I have learned to not be a victim of my mind. I simply take it out, not literally of course, but I hold the soft pink fleshy physical manifestation known as the brain and I speak to it. Most of the time I tell it to “SHUT UP!!!!!” so that I can paint. I then paint with my soul, myself, the part that is within me and has become aware of the fact that inside my body there are organs. Organs that are programmable and able to be manipulated. Such as this soft pink flesh that believes to be in charge all of the time.

I have found that I need to be quite forceful with my request because it has been “ON” and is quite loud with processing and calculating, projecting, second guessing etc. I need it to quiet down so that I can show the viewer what I feel and share my truth through the canvas. I find it best to leave the mind out of most decisions, this way, I paint more authentic and show myself unguarded without any influence. With this relationship that I have formed with my brain, the pink fleshy organ inside my skull, I am able to paint with my soul and not be controlled by the physical manifestation that is known as the brain.

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