Full Moon Update – 27th July

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Wake up Screaming
Full Moon Update

This Month’s Theme: Trees
Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Thu 9th Aug

The Ogham year wheel – Yuri Leitch

We are welcoming an eclipsed supermoon in Aquarius this July, as we reaffirm our intentions to connect with the trees, and produce an edition in collaboration with them.

It’s clear from the wide-ranging submissions we have received over the past two weeks, that many humans hold the tree beings in high regard creatively, spiritually, collaboratively and educationally. But collectively, we struggle to find the sufficient communal motivation to reconnect with nature and the trees, to the point that humanity is taking part in the largest genocide ever in the history of the earth.

One story says: The trees stand, seemingly benign and benevolent while we act out on their territory. They watch and sacrifice many as our onslaught fails to let up. When will they crack? I don’t believe they will suddenly lose their patience, uproot and defend their soils, I think they will sit and wait patiently, knowing that they hold the ground together, they hold the air in place and if we continue to act out our nonsense in their direction, if we continue to live out of balance, we are digging our own graves beneath their leaves on the forest floors of the future.

On the other hand, it might also be the case that through various means: through art, telepathy, internal communications, through food, or maybe even encoded into the air we breathe, the trees are reaching out to us, infiltrating our communities, cultures and minds, forcing us to rediscover our once deep and engaged relationships. Perhaps this edition was initiated by the trees themselves, and I am but an entranced missionary, a walking, talking tree, working on behalf of Los Bosques (the forests in Spanish).

The undeniable energetic force that we feel when we stand near to an old tree: epic, expansive, humbling, a recognition of something larger, sturdier, wiser and so completely at peace and balance within its environment. They remind us of times when we used to commune around a tree, a place of security and shelter, an arbor; a life-giving, living centre from which new paths appear to lead in and out, and from which new creatures spawn; a point of loving energetic focus and exchange.

It’s this relationship I seek to reinstate in my own life and hope that the publication of this edition is taken as a devotional act that edges myself and humanity one step closer to healing this relationship.

This forthcoming edition is a collaboration between humans and trees, the trees are as much contributors here as the artists themselves. This edition aims to give just a little bit back to the trees, to reach out and express our desire to reconnect, to show that we want to protect and nurture, collaborate and learn from them.

We will meet trees from all over the world, from Sherwood Forest to South Germany, from Hudson NY to Ottawa to Saint-Étienne, and some from closer to home in Glastonbury. We will learn about the Ogham, the Celtic alphabet to which each letter is assigned a tree. We will venture into plant healing with Davyd Farrell of Plant Consciousness, Sian Sibley returns to teach us how to meditate with the Yew, plus we’ll have 1 to 1 with Melanie Brear, a painter of trees and tree spirits, living in Glastonbury.

On top of this, we are accompanied by a tree bard from the U.S., we have tree sculptures, tree poems and tree stories, abstract trees, man-made trees, photos of dead trees taken by living people and photos by dead people of living trees.

An insightful and mind-altering collaboration between humans and trees, bringing us one step closer to healing our relationship with the forests.



Reading list:

About the ogham
Plant consciousness
Discover British trees
Psychological benefits of trees


Call for artists

#13 Tree – Submissions open

Deadline: 12 Noon GMT Thu 9th Aug

Release: New Moon Sat 11th Aug

We are welcoming artists in any medium to join us in this exploration of trees. We are looking for visual artists working with the trees, therapists working with tree or plant medicines, we are looking for sculptors working with wood, collage artists working with tree material. We are looking for stories about trees, artwork made from trees, preferably living and artwork made for trees.

Please view our submission guidelines and previous editions before submitting your work.



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