Wake up Screaming #4 – The Ocean

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The new moon can be a great time to try new things. Over the last two weeks, we have done just that. We opened up the pages of Wake up Screaming to our friends and readers, inviting on board a crew of creators to express what they feel for The Ocean.

Their contributions have been included in this, the 4th edition of Wake Up Screaming, an e-zine, or online magazine, or a window to the soul, or something else that is yet to be described.

Enjoy x




1. The Ship
Words and Illustration by Matt Witt

2. Contributing artists: 

– Spandana Kuppula
– Margarita Pinedo
– Silente Abstrusa
– David Carter

3. Something Old
– Night Swimming with the New Moon

4. Ultra spiritual cards! 

5. Contribute
– Guest contributors and submissions for issue 5



1. The Ship – Words & Illustration by Matt Witt

I made an attempt at this image a couple of years ago, but lost interest. Two weeks ago, I started again from scratch.

This is my ship, she exists in the mind, she speaks, she sings, she navigates through the roughest seas and drives away the terrible things. She is a lifesaver and an adventurer, the vessel I embark to voyage across the open ocean, sailing through creative realms. 

The aim was to dedicate myself to an illustration over a two week period between the full moon and new moon. I wanted to see what happened when I continued to develop an image and instead of creating a series of smaller offerings, embark on an epic voyage into unknown waters, swimming with monsters, aboard a ship with golden sails in an attempt to create an image with a story that unfolds as you view it.

The rigging is fairly accurate, except for an extra sail on the main mast. A lot of staring was involved! I used an image reference to study the ropes and features of the galleon.  

She’s best viewed full size, so click here to view the image in a larger format on wakeupscreaming.com


2. Contributing artists

We opened up the fourth edition to ocean themed submissions. Artists from India, Colombia, Peru and one from the UK, living in Colombia, all heard the call and kindly shared their feelings through works of art dedicated to The Ocean. Here they are… 



Spandana Kuppula – Q&A

Who are you? 
I am Spandana Kuppula, a 20-year-old girl from India.
What do you do?
Actually, I am a Law student who paints.

Why do you do it?

As long as I can remember I have always been doodling at the back of my notebooks in my classes.  My parents always reminisce that as a kid I used to scribble with crayons on the walls trying to create my masterpiece that would always stay in my house. I have even tried fashion illustration. I am a nocturnal being and art has been my only company on all my sleepless nights. I really can’t imagine me doing anything else.

Where do you like to hang out?
I am always in my room, which my parents call the burrow. I find solace in solitude and it gets my gears turning and helps me create. And when I get adventurous, I succumb to paint the walls of the room. 
How do you understand creativity?
I think creativity is all about being true to yourself. Especially in terms of art, I think being true to yourself helps you create your own style which is unique, beautiful and definitely a reflection of you. That to me is creative. Anything that you find joy in, that breaks your mundane lifestyle, is creative.

Find out more about Spandana on her Facebook page: facebook.com/spandanakuppula/

AMPHITRITE (2017)(18″ X 18″)acrylics on canvas 

Amphitrite, the sea queen was the wife of Poseidon is a female personification of sea.

MERMAID(2017) (12″ X 17″) acrylics on acid free acrylic sheet 

“ocean is everything I want to be; wild, mysterious and free”



Margarita’s Mandalas

Margarita is a Peruvian from Lima. She hand weaves these mandalas using fine wool and wooden sticks. Margarita fills each mandala with an intention, this one is dedicated to the Ocean. I love the little detail on the end of the sticks, this single thread that looks like part of a model boat.

Check out Margarita’s Mandalas on instagram: instagram.com/margaritasmandalas 




Silente Abstrusa

An artist from Colombia, working with other worlds and strange beings to create murals, digital art and writing (in Spanish), centring on the spiritual, the ineffable. This one is called “Quantum Ocean”.

Check out more of Silente’s work on her facebook page: facebook.com/silenteabstrusa




David Carter

David is an English artist living in Colombia. We’ve known each other for a long time and I didn’t know he could paint like this until recently. Check out the work in progress video of his sunset painting. 




A big thank you to the artists who contributed to the first open edition of Wake up Screaming. Your creations are beautiful. 



3. Something Old 

Nightswimming under the new moon – March 2015. 


4. Ultra Spiritual Cards


Ultra spiritual greetings cards are £2.50 each or pack of 6 for £10. 

Check out the cards > 










5. Contribute

Issue 5 is now open for submissions, on the theme of Devotion. 

Also, Wake up Screaming showcases a particular contributor with a Q and A. It might be an artist, illustrator, writer, or maybe a medium, an astrologist, a therapist or yoga instructor. If you would like to contribute to Wake up Screaming, please contact matt@wakeupscreaming.com with some examples of your work. If you are a therapist then contact me with your website and we’ll look at how best to present you. 



About Wake up Screaming

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Wake up Screaming. The next one will arrive with the first full moon of 2018. 

Using the New Moons as release dates, Wake up Screaming is intended to encourage us to research new themes and to create new work on a regular basis. We use the cycles of the moon to provide an inspirational and motivational focus point, providing four week periods in which to study topics that are calling for our attention. Editions are released and a new theme set with each New Moon. 

The aim of this publication is to discipline myself to release new work regularly, outside of Facebook and Instagram, and to encourage me to create themed work on a regular basis. Besides that, it’s a joy to connect with other creatives and collaborate on a new publication. 

I am always keen to hear from other artists about collaborating. 

You can check out more of my work on www.wakeupscreaming.com

See you in two weeks!