Full Moon Update – April

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Wake up Screaming
Full Moon Update – April

This Month’s Theme: The Great Outdoors
Deadline: Midday (GMT) Fri 13th April



The intention for the current edition of Wake up screaming is to encourage us outward, into the outside, into nature and into the community.

Spring is budding, the leaves are just starting to unfold from the branches, some of the blossoms are beginning to show and underneath the unfurling fauna, the birds are starting to forage and nest. The blackbirds are rampant for worms and the robins are growing feistier. The white sky of winter still lingers, the cold clear days, the cold rainy days, the grey days, but they are becoming more regularly punctuated by the colours, warmth and theatre of spring. 

Granted, the weather hasn’t been good at all which has limited the time I have spent outside, but I made up for it by watching nature documentaries and encouraging myself outward in other ways. Since the last new moon, I have been more socially active, attending dinners, workshops and seminars here in Glastonbury. I also volunteered to help set up the venue for Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band) at his gig in the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury this month, which was a great experience. 

When I could, I ventured out for short walks, mostly in the morning times. I have taken to feeding the birds on my way to the Tor, walking along the lanes dropping bread crumbs as I walk then waiting to see who comes out for breakfast. They are starting to learn when I arrive, at least it seems that way.

I have found these trips into nature extremely helpful, peaceful and grounding. Feeding the birds gives me a feeling of purpose and a reason to get out and walk, but it also opens my eyes to the wonderful colours and characters of our native UK birds. Since arriving back to the UK, I have become more fascinated by my surroundings, like there is a newfound novelty in being in my native country, a contentment and urge to explore closer to home.

With these moments in mind, I intend to study the unfolding story, the characters and the emerging colours and dramas of nature in Springtime. I will dedicate time to looking closer and creating more visual work in response to my little excursions into the outside. I will dedicate time to making new friends, human and non-human and to learning how The Great Outdoors can enhance our lives, ground us and provide a focal point to explore ourselves through creativity.

If you would like to join me in this exploration, then please read the submission guidelines: wakeupscreaming.com/the-great-outdoors/ and get in touch. 

For now,

Matt Witt

Reading List 
David Attenborough Documentary – The Wonder of Eggs (UK only)
The Incredible String Band
About Ostara / Easter / Equinox

Call for artists

#9 The Great Outdoors – Submissions open

Deadline: Midday, Fri 13th Apr 2018

Release: New moon – Mon 16th Apr 2018

The 9th edition of Wake up screaming will invite artists to respond to the theme “The Great Outdoors. The edition will celebrate the arrival of the Equinox and Spring, in the Northern hemisphere.

We are asking how nature can focus and ground us and provide a wealthy resource for our creative explorations. We will celebrate the outdoors in all its forms: Nature, community, space, flora, fauna, walking, landscape, blossom, birds, bark, bugs, exploration, friendship, gathering, discovery, learning, walking through doors and into the outside.

We are looking for personal pieces about intimate relationships with nature. Visual pieces, written pieces, illustration, painting, drawings, animation, music, sound, video, multimedia, films, installations, movement, dance, noise, soundscapes, songs, collaboration, creative writing, poetry and short articles < 600 words.

Please view our submission guidelines and previous editions before submitting your work.


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