Robert Caspary – And Sisyphus Rested

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And Sisyphus Rested – 2016- rephotographed assembly of cross-processed images of lichen-covered rock 14″x 14″


True rest, body and mind at natural ease, is rare and fleeting for me. Naturally then, I was drawn to the myth of Sisyphus, condemned by the gods to roll a boulder up an incline, only to have it roll back down at the peak…for eternity.

Albert Camus’ book of the same name, which uses Sisyphus as the archetypal being who finds meaning in the meaningless, and refutes suicide with the argument it is the ultimate meaningless and conceited act, gives substance to the good of restlessness.

But rest is good too, and for Sisyphus, if you’re already condemned by the gods for an eternity, what’s the harm in a quick 15 minutes in the shade? 😀

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