Blake Lavergne – Exorcism of a Poet

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Lie Beside Me

Amidst this Godless Blackness
Before the existence of light

With these fingertips that speak for the blind,
These fingertips as sight

Let us converse upon our skins,
As I decipher the wordless language upon thy pores, Mi Amor

In search for one another’s souls,
Seeking to find
The divine

Lie beside me
Amidst this godless darkness

As we

Breed ourselves

A Deity


Blake says: The above poem is about the sun being birthed into existence.

And my book is exactly what the title claims it to be “Exorcism of a Poet”. Tt’s where I’ve sent my demons, so to speak. The outlet for my madness in a productive way so that it isn’t taken out in a more destructive manner.

One of the biggest honours of my lifetime is that Author of White Oleander /friend of mine has done my foreword –

“Enjoyed these drawings, the graphic quality, the mood, the sense of your hand. All best!”

What is your relationship with the sun?

My relationship with the sun is that when I look at it I think of all the geniuses throughout history that have looked at that same exact sun and I think of how much I still have to improve on my craft in general

What’s the suns importance in relation to art / creativity?

And the sun has been a proven muse throughout the history of creation from cave drawings to digital art. The fact that our species becomes ridiculously sad without it is the best way I could explain it’s importance to humans.