Synchronicity contributions by readers

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Tanya Mayela Palmer – Synchronicty

Recently I experienced some really strong synchronicity. I had a friend visit from the Netherlands I first met her earlier this year in the Sahara in a little village about 20 km from Algeria, we went on a little pilgrimage of Glasto together it was her first time here ,. That day we met 3!different groups of people throughout the day at the chalice well in town and also in the abbey that also had connections with this little village too.
one group also had a visiting friend from Korea with them they had also met in this very same village in Morocco 🇲🇦…. the energy and synchronicity connection felt very strong that day !

Clare Taylor

We had an amazing experience this week, arriving at our Paris metro stop we were unsure how to get to our hotel. A kind gentleman helped us and walked us right there as is was on the same street where he lived. The next day we went to buy more tickets from a station on the other side of the city and guess who was the teller? Yes the same guy, we thanked him and were amazed at the synchronicity.

Ann Dimment

I think synchronicity is going nuts right now, I always tried ti understand the big picture of what is happening energetically, I think energy right now is very intenso and have cause people to be more psychic in some way or another, since some months ago now I have been experiencing some kind of telepathy with some people and its VERY AMAZING, can’t describe it, and also I feel so aligned with my purpose is showing more and more, growing 🌱 it’s funny how things happen in certain moments, but I can feel and see synchronicity in my every day

Andrea Orellana

The more you follow your gut.. and listen to your heart.. the more it happens,.. and the more you work with it.. the more it works with you =] just like dreaming… they go hand in hand.

Wesley Weaver

Hi Matt. I’ve been seeing your posts about synchronicity and chance and they have really been resonating with me. I don’t usually share any writing that I do but for some reason this topic is calling me to share. I’ve written a little poem about my grandma. Just thought I’d share it with you. Hope life is full of peace, love, creativity and kindness for you.

A word that ties the heavens to my heart.
Reminding me of the loving connection around me.
The oneness of this experience.
In life sometimes I miss the connection.
Life can be full of so much pain.
It’s hard to see.
But underneath the surface there’s only love.
My grandma is dying.
I go to the hospital.
She is lying there groaning.
My heart breaks.
I sit next to her, holding her hand.
I read her a letter from one of her friends.
Talking about what an amazing woman she is.
Her strength, positivity, love and light.
And in that moment, beyond time and space.
Our breathing slows.
A connection blossoms beyond this realm.
She is me and I am her.
We are brought in this moment together.
To be reminded of our bond.
Our connection.
Our oneness.
For it is in these final moments of life.
That we become aware.
Of the synchronicity of God’s plan.
Showing us that beyond the pain.
There is a love so deep.
So strong.
That it unites us together for eternity.

Kaela Mae

The story I’m about to share with you is still quite mysterious even to myself. I’ve noticed the occurrence of synchronicities in my life for quite some time now. ​They often come in waves, waves which sometimes seem to align, to have interlocking qualities that explain an ark in a project, or relationship, for example.

Sometimes synchronous events occur in rapid succession and seemingly assist in avoiding a problem or tragedy, or coming upon some incredible fortune or harmonious experience. However, the series of synchronicities I would like to expound for you all was a slow burn that simply left me shrugging my shoulders in its wake.

A little background: this all happened to me while I was in Cusco, Peru. It begins with a gift that I received from my friend, Anna. She had just returned from a month long stay in the jungles of Peru serving as a facilitator at an Ayahuasca center (Aya Healing Centers). The gift was a placemat sized handmade tapestry that was said to contain the essence of an icaro, a song sung during ceremony. A few days later I had a dream. It was set in an infinite void where I was presented before a very large head. It was Anna, her head peacefully bobbing in the black abyss. I was given instructions to look into her eyes. The moment I began to so, her face lit up like a Ferris wheel, her irises a full rainbow, her earthen cheeks lush with foliage, her hair tree branches floating in space. I looked deeply into her eyes and at once was sucked into her pupils; much in the way, as is often depicted in sci-fi movies, one is sent plunging through a black hole. This dream lasted but an instant and ended with an electric shock which kept me awake for the following hours. I remember after waking being able to seemingly hear electricity, a low hum reverberating after the initial shock. After the dream I found myself thinking through many of life‘s challenging times, and seeing myself almost frame by frame in those situations. I saw how I could have acted differently, saying sorry to myself and to others and finding closure, before I finally could go back to sleep. I told Anne all that had happened. We had a good laugh and thought nothing more.

About a week later I was asked to facilitate my first Wachuma ceremony in Pisac. The conditions that day were less than ideal. About an hour into the chilly morning we were putting on our rain ponchos, huddling together with fire as our new top priority. Once the fire was lit, the winds picked up dust, mixing it with the light rain. There was thunder in the background and sunny blue skies over Mt. Pachatusan, with roiling onyx clouds on the opposite side of the valley. We were experiencing earth, wind, fire, and water all at once. A few days prior I was reading that when these elements are mixed, the fifth element, Storm, is created and a great change is at hand. This was a book about minerals and I just thought it was an interesting representation. I did not expect it to be played out in such dramatic fashion the next day. That day I also found a rock in the shape of a baby’s foot, like the perfect shape for a baby’s foot, completely black, completely smooth, and speckled with silver and gold. Everyone that day said they had noticed that rocke but hadn’t picked it up. Myself being somewhat of a rock collector could not help myself, I have put my hands on thousands of rocks around the world. This shape just is not common, and why a river rock was on the side of a mountain is beyond me. It adorns a succulent planter that I later gave to Anna. The other relevant detail of the stay is that at some point during the fire I had the overwhelming feeling that I should take ash from the fire and spread it on my arms and face I did not know at the time why I was doing this it made no sense to me at all and I have never before nor since had this urge. While applying the burnt eucalyptus I thought that I was learning some sort of symbolic lesson about how do you paint your face how to dress for the occasion and away in life. I wrote in my journal that I was hearing messages about how to dress for war, how to paint your face for this and that. All of these details may seem random and they did to me as well, but once the second half of the story unfolded these details get highlighted. A few weeks later Anna invited me along on a trip to a temple in the sacred valley to participate in another Wachuma ceremony. It was a beautiful hike past waterfalls and up to the temple where we had a postcard view of Mt. Chicon. Anna sang me an icaro specific to a tree that she had dieted while in the jungle called Noya Rao. This sent me back into that dream state, Anna’s head just floating there. This time I saw, what I can only describe as, munchkin men made of mud crawl out of her pores, beginning to paint her face. I awoke from the trance bewildered and told Anna what happened she then told me that the song had lyrics that speak of drawing designs on your face. It is an icaro for protection as well. Somehow I had derived a piece of the lyrics of a song in a language that I knew not one word of: Shipibo. At this point I began to analyze the details of everything that had happened and it was clear to me that a number of synchronous things had happened; for example, the tree ash which I put on my face a month prior was a vague message about putting on war paint and to be careful about how you present yourself, to send the appropriate signals perhaps. What’s more is that there was another participant in the ceremony who also had experience working with the Noya Rao plant and stated that eukalyptus, the ash of which i originally put on my face was, like Noya Rao, a gum tree. I cannot confirm this based on my internet searches as there is almost no scientific information on Noya Rao.

This is a lot to unpack. Recounting this story to others is at times messy, and I have stopped telling it to anyone who has no context for the happenings. A great deal of mystery remains. What I find so appealing about things that happen like this is that necessarily there is an explanation of why these things happened and why they make me feel the way I do. There is an explanation within psychology and physics that could explain how and why I was able to see a visual representation of a message in dream states and in deep psychedelic, visionary states. I like to think perhaps there is an immaterial network, one with no time axis, which simply connects concepts, and then there are modalities by which we can send messages back and forth through time. One such modality might be song and vibration, and the use of psychedelics might be just a way of tuning the receiver. I enjoy thinking about these things but am content to leaving them a mystery. Perhaps, I am simply a pattern recognizing machine that can orchestrate synchronicities behind the scenes to add mystery and novelty to my life; or maybe it’s all magic, a little bit of both, or neither.

Dom Lebo