JEMontclair – ASK and REMEMBER (to say thank you)

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I believe our intentions, or strongly held desires, once breathed out to the ethers create our opportunities and good fortune delivered to us through the Magic of the Universe. Seemingly serendipitous events, found objects or meetings with strangers support my world view and experience of this phenomenon. A phenomenon I also believe is not specific to my life, but available to all.

W.H. Murray of the Scottish Himalaya Expedition in 1951 spoke of commitment of having the same effect. He wrote, “The moment one definitely commits oneself, the Providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”

I have received such “material assistance” repeatedly in the form of discarded curbside found objects that I welcomed into my home as treasures, happenstance job opportunities that literally walked across the street to find me in the form of a neighbor who knew where she worked was hiring, dogs following me home, etc. I have found everything from beautiful hand painted metal wastepaper bins curbside, after stating to no one but myself, and perhaps The Universal Intelligence, that I was in need of some pretty trash cans, to butter yellow French love seats that matched my living room after I breathed out the desire to have a pair similar to the ones my mother owned; These found only a half a block away!

My home of the past seven years was born from a commitment and a desire to get on with my life already and leave the unfixable toxic relationship I had tried to make work for over a decade. It was a bulk e-mail from a fellow artist that landed in my in-box promoting studio space for rent that caught my eye. I read the description telling the story of the space which had been the home of another artist for the past thirty years. I made an appointment. Instead of shared studio space, I found a home. Before this fortuitous event I expressed my commitment and desire and believed it was possible to find not only an affordable place, but one that would allow my five pets, and give me the experience of living closer to Nature. Although I never really wanted to live in the woods – I prefer long vistas or small-town living, I chose to move here, because my commitment to my freedom at that time was paramount.

My dog of the past four months was similarly acquired. My beloved dog River had passed away recently, and I missed her protective loving presence. Musing on the idea a friend instilled in me, that I need another dog, I contemplated briefly: If I were to get another dog what would it be? ‘An adult white German Shepherd and I would name her Angel,’ I thought to myself. I swear, not a week, no more than two, went by when I stopped into a pet supply store to get cat food, where they happened to be having a pet adoption day. You guessed it, they had an adult white German Shepherd, and to seal the deal – her name was Angel!

So the old adage is true, “Be careful what you wish for.” And remember as you hone your “asking” and your ability to realize you did ask for it – remember to say thank you even if you don’t want it anymore. So, ask – then pay attention. This isn’t Witchcraft, people. This is Lovecraft. And The Magical Universe loves you.

– JEMontclair