Kevin Hallagan – Chance, The Constant Medium

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My name is Kevin Hallagan and I am a Los Angeles-based visual artist, working primarily in the disciplines of sculpture and installation, and All of my pieces are the result of chance.

I am, as many people are, intimidated by the task of giving birth to an art piece from start to finish. A blank canvas can make me question my own creative qualifications, and so I turn to chance for strength. As soon as I put a mark on that canvas, I can think again; wherever and however it’s placed informs the next mark, and the next, and so on, until I have something I personally connect with. The Chance of a flippant brush stroke, or the shape of shattering glass, or a breeze moving pieces of an installation, or how the light through a window casts color through plexiglass; chance is what breathes life into my work, and is, itself, my constant medium.

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